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Aqua announces partnership with fintech innovator Darqube

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Darqube to host revolutionary Aqua tradable indices based on human success

LONDON 9th November 2020Aqua, the next generation financial services company which uses Big Data and AI-analytics to construct tradable indices based on humans, will be launching its unique alt-assets on tech innovation platform Darqube.  

Darqube, the UK-based all-in-one investing, analytics, automated trading, and secure messaging platform, launched in 2019, provides a comprehensive trading solution for all investors. Darqube simplifies investment asset selection and trading decisions across global cross-asset markets, so is ideally suited to hosting alt-assets.

Yasin Sebastian Qureshi, Co-founder and Head of Strategy at Aqua Digital Rising commented:

“At Aqua we are democratising Big Data so working with Darqube, a company which sets out to democratise information, tools and technology to level the playing field for all traders, makes perfect sense. We are producing accessible and easy to use trading indices which put a value on the success of people form sports stars to entrepreneurs, and celebrities. This is the first time in history this has been possible. We are creating recognised financial products based on actual people.”

Aqua is currently going through a crowdfunding round which will allow the technology, which has been in development for two years, to be launched in January 2021. The indices will be available through Darqube starting with soccer, cricket and e-sports all of which offer real-time live pricing. Aqua is backed by the top tier institutional venture capital firm ELEVAT3 (click for more information). 

Dr. Rostislav Haliplii, Founder and CEO of Darqube, said:

“Retail investors are looking for a partner which gives them the same sophisticated, professional tools institutional traders use in the City, on Wall Street or in Tokyo. Our platform opens up trading in a way never seen before so we are delighted to be working with Aqua who are producing mind-blowing new assets, which will revolutionise trading. If you love and understand sports, movies, social media or businesspeople, you will be able to trade Aqua indices.”

Aqua has been founded by a team of industry specialists with a successful, proven track record of developing and marketing innovative financial services companies. They have taken a number of these through to IPO, delivering high quality returns for investors.

For more information and to sign-up for more information please go to


About Aqua:

Aqua Digital Rising Ltd is a UK registered company which has developed and is launching the world’s first alternative assets indices and trading platform. Big data is democratised and being used with AI, analytics and mathematics to provide real-time pricing of individuals, putting a value on human success.

The founders Dev Dutta and Yasin Sebastian Qureshi have considerable experience in developing innovative financial services trading products and taking these to market. Yasin is the founder and former CEO of Varengold Bank and and Dev is a leading financial services software engineer who worked at Barclays Investment Bank Strategy Indices. They are supported by a senior team of successful industry professionals.  

Aqua is the first company to create real-time indices on human beings allowing investors to participate in the value increase of individuals from sports, media, social media, business and politics. For the first time in history everyone will be able to invest in the source of all value creation, people.

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