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Darqube Announces Crowdfunding Effort, Aims To Democratize Finance With Trading Analytics Platform

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Darqube, a U.K.-based trading technologies company, has brought to market an analytics platform aimed at helping retail market enthusiasts, traders and portfolio managers gain access to insights formerly available at the institutional level.

The firm’s founder Rostislav Haliplii spoke with Benzinga about the democratization of financial technology.

Why Darqube?

Haliplii is a veteran in the institutional asset management and trading space. He studied financial engineering at Imperial College London prior to working as a quantitative trader and risk manager.

His experiences allowed him to found Darqube, an all-inclusive trading technology that allows users access to the same cutting-edge insights institutions leverage in generating consistent returns.

“The idea was to build an all-in-one platform where people can look at the markets, socialize, and create bots without programming skills,” Haliplii said. “It’s something very similar to what institutional traders do on a daily basis, but tailored for retail.”

Darqube's Breadth Of Capability

Darqube comes in three products: Messenger, Terminal and Tradelab.

The Messenger application aggregates and parses through data from Bloomberg, CNBC, ABC News and over 200 other platforms and social media sources.

The Terminal provides access to an intelligent natural language search engine, customizable dashboards, portfolio analytics, cross-asset calculators, real-time data, charting, statistical modeling and more.

The last product is Tradelab, a device for developing no-code algorithms and trading bots.

“The capability of building the bot visualizes the way a programmer thinks,” the company's founder said. “We’ve designed it so people can visually connect statements. So, when you connect, you have an if-then statement.”

The Tradelab solution will soon allow traders the ability to trade with Interactive Brokers Group accounts.

“Interactive Brokers offers the highest range of tradeable assets. In the future, there will be connectivity and the ability to trade with that.”

Plans For Growth

In the near term, Darqube plans to partner with new brokerage services and technology providers, further building out the capabilities of its trading platform.

“We are developing the capability of our cross-asset trading platform,” Haliplii said.

“The goal is to integrate one broker every one to two months.”

The firm, in addition to launching new features such as the Time Series Analyzer, Stats Pack, Futures Curves, and Portfolio Manager, will also be fundraising for further expansion.

“We are crowdfunding June 3 on, one of the biggest platforms here in the United Kingdom,” Haliplii said. “We’re expanding, exploring business-to-business, and improving our business model, which is currently business-to-customer.”

To keep up with Darqube or get free access to a leading portfolio of institutional-grade technology tools, visit

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