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Overfunding: All-in-One Investment Analytics Platform Darqube Quickly Secures £300,000 Equity Crowdfunding Target on Seedrs

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Darqube, a UK-based all-in-one investing, analytics, automated trading, and secure messaging platform, has quickly secured its initial £300,000 equity crowdfunding campaign target on Seedrs. Founded in 2019, Darqube’s mission is to equip everyone, from novice to experienced investors, with the cutting-edge technology and insights they need to make better and smarter investment decisions.

“We believe that the tools available for retail investors are insufficient for making qualified decisions, while professional platforms used by financial institutions are too expensive. Also, algorithms are believed to be responsible for around 80% of trades in the financial markets. Thus, to generate profits consistently as Wall Street tycoons, it’s our view that retail investors need to be equipped with institutional-grade analytical, risk management, research and trading tools.”

Darqube’s products

Launched Terminal (December 2019)

Comprehensive trading analytics platform used to simplify investment asset selection and trading decision across global cross-asset markets including crypto, forex, stocks, commodities, ETFs, funds and bonds.

Launched TradeLab Beta (February 2020)

Algorithmic trading platform where users can build and market profitable trading algorithms with no programming skills required. Invest using advanced trading bots with one click of a button and let them work 24/7.

Launched Messenger (March 2020)

The messaging platform tailored to the needs of finance enthusiasts. Create and join verified trading communities, place calls, follow customizable News and Twitter events, and share trade ideas securely with a global financial community.


Darqube further revealed that it has 5,000 Monthly Active Users, as retail investors spend more time at home, Darqube has strong month-on-month userbase growth and sees an average of 70-100 new members signing up each day.

Seedrs campaign

Funds from the Seedrs round will be used for the following:

  • Growth and User acquisition (40%): Help to scale userbase in line with global growth strategy by increasing budget for marketing, partnerships, PR, and communication.
  • Product improvement (25%): Launching the full version of our TradeLab platform and continuously improving our range of products.
  • Team expansion (25%): Hire additional key hires, including tech resources to speed up new platform releases and a dedicated team for 24h customer support.
  • Operating costs (10%): Running costs, regulatory, and accounting costs.

Darqube is now offering 4.11% in equity at a £7 million pre-money valuation. The campaign is set to close at the end of July.

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