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Beating Wall Street means staying ahead of the curve. Darqube, a London based Fintech start-up, provides the solution that revolutionizes the way retail investors make their decisions.

Current trading analytics tools for retail investors provide limited insights, while professional platforms used by financial institutions are too expensive. Studies show that 90% of retail traders lose money, and one of the reasons is the lack of access to technology. Machines perform over 80% of trades in the financial markets. Therefore, to generate profits consistently, nowadays retail investors need to be highly skilled in advanced mathematics and programming.

Moreover, on the one hand, institutional traders use the same platforms, such as Thomson Reuters Eikon or Bloomberg Terminal, to communicate and share insights. On the other hand, retail investors are still using regular chat apps which are not optimal for financial communication.

Empowering the global financial community

Darqube meets all these needs, as it empowers the global financial community with institutional-grade research, innovative trading analytics, automated trading and community messaging. It aims to equip everyone – from novice to experienced investors – with the cutting-edge tools and insights they need to make better and smarter investment decisions for FREE.

“Retail investors are highly disadvantaged compared to institutional ones. It’s time to democratize the financial technology used by the Wall Street tycoons to outperform the markets,” says founder Rostislav Haliplii.

With a previous career in the City of London as a quantitative trader and a risk manager, Rostislav founded Darqube to fulfil this gap. Together with his team, they build three essential products that can work both standalone and as part of one single platform:


Smart insights and advanced trading analytics. Track global cross-asset markets including crypto, forex, stocks, commodities, ETFs, funds and bonds, to simplify your investment asset selection and make better and faster trading decisions.


Create and market profitable trading algorithms with no coding skills required. Invest using advanced trading bots with one click of a button and let them work for you 24/7.


Make connections that matter. Create and join verified trading communities, place calls, follow customizable news and Twitter events, and share your trade ideas with a global financial community.

In the current uncertain times and volatile markets, it is more important than ever to manage smartly financial resources and to capitalize on every opportunity with minimal risks of losses.

"This is a market where we are all in uncharted seas. Waters are very troubled, but under the surface, opportunities may be waiting. Darqube allows you to seize them," says the founder.

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