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Make connections that matter

Audio & VideoCalls
Custom News andTwitter Channels
Trading CommunityChats
Voice & TextMessage Translation
Sent Auto destructiveMessages

What makes it outstanding

Get customizable news and Twitter feeds instantly

Build your automated news and Twitter channels on topics you want to read.

Keep everything organized and adjusted to your needs

Adjustable interface, expandable / collapsable windows, columns. Folders for contacts, chats, channels.

Multichat and share ideas securely

Multi-window mode helps you to chat more conveniently in your everyday conversations.

Smartest messenger tailored for investors

When you type a ticker in a chat window, it becomes an active link that opens an Info panel with all the data and charts.

Download Messenger brochure

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Integrated with other Darqube apps and components

Use Messenger inside Terminal and Bot Builder. Keep your conversations and calls going everywhere.
Price changed? Bot made a trade? Something important happened in the Media? Get instant alerts!
Got a good bot strategy? Made up a cool dashboard in Terminal? Share it with your friend or colleague!

Join Pro Communities or start your own

Explore the Rooms of market pros and industry vets for access to exclusive content. Open and Private. Free and with paid subscription.

Keep the conversation going everywhere

Get access to the Messenger in any browser. No installs needed. And we will release our mobile application soon!

Coming soon...

Security and Privacy by default

End-to-end encryption

Only you and the person you're communicating with can read what is sent. Nobody in between, not even us.

Only contacts you accepted

Our messenger works on a requests base. So nobody can write or disturb you if you havent approved their request.

Speak Freely

Just like your messages, Darqube Messenger calls are end-to-end encrypted so Darqube and third parties can't listen to them.

And you got even more for your productivity and professional tasks!

Messenger has everything you got accustomed to in other messenger apps but goes even further in quality and convenience.

Custom news and Twitter channels

Build your automated news and Twitter channels on topics you want to read.

Audio and HD video calling

Experience crystal clear audio and HD video in one to one or group calls.

Voice and Video calling

Record quick-sending voice and video messages.

Scheduled messages

Automatically send things at a specified time in the future.

Self-Destructing Messages

Send messages that disappear after an allotted amount of time. This prevents you from having to manually delete the message at a later time.

Easy find all shared files and data

No more scrolling through your chat history – just click Gallery under the chat name to see all the files, links, and photos in the conversation.

Translate any language

Enjoy real-time translation of voice, video recordings and text messages.

Filter your chat lists

You can now filter all that channels that send you updates all the time and see only conversations with real people.

Start using Messenger right now

It’s free and works across many devices

Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered the most common questions.
Didn't find what you are looking for?

Darqube Messenger allows users to add contacts, create chats, send messages and media files, join communities, make calls, follow news and tweets, analyze markets and create custom watchlists.

Darqube is compliant with GDPR rules and policies. Text messages, shared files and all personal user data is securely encrypted.

At this moment only one on one calls are possible via Darqube Messenger.

Once deleted, chat history can be restored on custom request sent to [email protected]