Build and Backtest trading bots like a PRO with no coding required

No codingrequired
120+ TechnicalIdicators
60+ CandlestickPattern Recognition
1 Click Swith toLive Trading ModeBtn
Strategy BacktestingAnalytics
Multiple instruments,orders and timeframe support

Advanced Bot Builder

Component based strategy design with no scripting

Use a predefined set of components and design your strategy with minimal clicks of the mouse.

Supercharged Backtests for better analytics

Analyze the performance of a bot based on historical data before publishing it to the Marketplace or executing it in the Live Demo Trader.

Any type of financial instruments and orders

Not only crypto, you have them all. Fix object layer supports any type of financial instruments. And you have multiple order types available to fit all of your ideas.

One click switch to live trading mode

If you are happy with the backtesting results, you can also try the bot in a simulated live demo account.

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Productivity by Default

Save Bots, Reports and finish later
Multiple strategies can run within a meta-strategy
Multi-currency accounting and simulations
Simultaneous Backtest of multiple Exchanges and Instruments
Multiple time-frame support
Multiple Backtest reports at a time
Multiple bot builder windows at a time
Import your strategy as a JSON solution

Tradelab Marketplace

Helps you sell/lease a personally created bot in the Bot Builder to other Darqube users, but also buy/rent any trading bot and execute it via the Live Trader.

Search profitable quantitative strategies and backtest them with a click of a button. You can also contact bot creators and ask details regarding their crafted strategies.
Join other authors and creators and make profit by selling/loaning your strategies to other Darqube users.

Live Trader

Fully configurable trading environment that helps you deploy and run pre-compiled quantitative trading strategies

Deploy and execute in one click

  • Switch from back-test to live mode in just one click
  • Start & stop individual strategies
  • Setup custom alerts to monitor your positions

Reliable execution and configurable OMS

  • Fully configurable trading environment
  • Observe in real-time the full cycle of orders execution from the point at which you send an order to position updates in your strategies
  • Integrate any broker’s EMS through pre-built plug-in development (in future)

Detailed real-time monitoring and control

  • Define your customized alerts and notification channels when running live
  • Easily locate your trading environment on a dedicated machine

Be up-to-speed with the world

Monitor all the last news and Tweets to make better trade decisions and stay informed right in the Live Trading environment.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We've gathered the most common questions.
Didn't find what you are looking for?

Darqube Tradelab allows users to build custom trading bots and launch them without coding required.

Currently Darqube Tradelab offers coverage for Cryptocurrencies. Other assets classes in the near future will be added so please stay tuned.

Darqube partners with financial price and fundamental data providers on custom request. Check Solutions section for more details.

Darqube Tradelab includes a simulated trading environment in which users can only create trial demo accounts for practice purposes.